Albums by The Board of Education

The second album by the Board of Education features 10 new songs about everything from binary stars, former Soviet republics, experimental rockets, the inventor of kevlar, and of course, the hit single "Why Is Dad So Mad?"

"A fun and funny album that the whole family will enjoy." -School Library Journal
Binary - The Board of Education
The First Album 
The debut album by the BoE features 13 songs including the hit, The Lonely Tomato. Learn about numbers, lost inventors, volcanoes, creative uses for tin foil, ice ages and more!

"It's the rare record that you can bring to your pre-teen kids without steeling your nerves against six months of repeated plays and an onslaught of cartoon earworms. The BoE did it right." -The Seattle Times

The First Album - The Board of Education"Their new CD educates like Schoolhouse Rock... and yet sounds a bit like Ben Folds Five... Regardless of who they remind us of, they have a sound that s melodically their own with catchy songs full of well-thought out lyrics so multi-layered you ll find yourself listening to them over and over again... And let s face it, tin foil robots + volcanoes = AWESOME!" - Otterhop Blog
"[the band] combine their love of melody and hooks with classroom subjects that might otherwise be yawned at by Fourth Graders, to create this ridiculously catchy, funny, and intelligent CD!" -Kids Music That Rocks Blog 


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